Commemorating the death of Vincent van Gogh 125 years ago, the theme of the van Gogh Year 2015 will be “125 years of inspiration”. 

Het thema van het van Goghjaar 2015 ,‘125 jaar inspiratie’ ,hebben wij invulling gegeven met het maken van onze POCHETTE.
Pour le thème de l’année Van Gogh 2015, “125 années d’inspiration’, nous avons créé une POCHETTE. 


Commemorating the death of Vincent van Gogh 125 years ago, the theme of the van Gogh Year 2015 will be “125 years of inspiration”.
It inspired us to make a POCHETTE (portefolio), existing of six handmade pochoirs.
The pochoir technique is a typical French technique, used in the beginning of the 20th century by many outstanding artists such as van Dongen, Matisse, Picasso Chagall and Miro.
They preferred it as the most suitable reproduction method for their favourite works of art, because it resembled the original work as best as possible. Especially the realism of the colors is the most striking mark of the pochoir.

The technique:

Several ‘patrons', also called ‘templates' were made from the original work. ‘Patrons’ are negatives, which are carved from an ultra thin metal foil. The “Maïtre Coloriste” decided, having made an analysis of the composition, how many ‘patrons’ were needed. Subsequently, these were placed in a particular order and position on the paper, after which the paint was applied, using different brushes, sponges and tampons.
It was a very expensive and labour intensive method, asking for fine craftsmanship.

Nowadays stencil techniques have become popular for graffiti using spray paint, as for instance the British artist Bansky.

We make our ‘patrons’ from ultra fine plastic material, which are placed on the paper and colored by hand, using brushes and gouache paints of the finest quality.
Some forms we use, are abstractions from the studies we made last year in Auvers-sur-Oise and Zundert during our project www., others are directly inspired by the paintings of Vincent van Gogh. We tried to
reduce them to their most direct and essential expression.
We have used the pochoir technique, once only used for reproduction, to make original works of art with simple, abstract forms.

The portfolio contains six original handmade pochoirs on A4-format in a limited edition, signed by the artist.
Due to the technique none of them will be exactly the same.
The POCHETTE is for sale.